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Brain Balance Journal - Collection box


Half januari weer op voorraad!

Main title
Brain Balance Journal

Collection box

Charlotte Labee



With this unique collection box you have the space and opportunity to journal for a whole year. Each journal represents a quarter of use, and the colours used match the different seasons. This way you have all your brain knowledge at hand in a handy box that also looks good in your cupboard.

Do you find it so difficult to change ingrained habits? Then you are certainly not alone. The human brain prefers learned patterns and this often makes them difficult to break.

Yet this is possible for everyone. What you need is the right knowledge of the brain. And, in particular, of a principle called 'self-directed neuroplasticity'.

This principle means that you yourself can stimulate your brain to develop and change. To learn skills that you have not yet mastered. To change negative habits into positive ones. And to take big steps towards living the life of your dreams. From now on, this Brain Balance journal will make it easier for you to start working on your Brain Balance processes every day.

Take daily steps towards your goals
The Brain Balance journal is available in 4 unique seasonal versions, each in a different colour: Spring (off-white), Summer (pink), Autumn (moss green) and Winter (ice blue). You can also journal for a whole year. The whole series can be ordered at a nice discount in the Brain Balance journal box. 

Each journal contains daily, weekly and monthly pages, so you can work with them daily. Brain tip: set aside 15 minutes every day to journal, to get inspired and to invest in yourself and your own brain. It doesn't get any easier or more fun than this. The content of the journals is the same.

Whether you want to deal with stress and anxiety better, develop your mindset, focus and lifestyle or take big steps towards achieving your personal dreams; everything starts with changing your brain. This journal is the ideal tool for this.

For whom is this Brain Balance Journal intended?
This unique Brain Balance Journal is for you if you:

  • Eager to change
  • Have little energy
  • Experiencing stress on a regular basis
  • Want to eat and live healthier
  • Want to take faster steps towards your goals and dreams
  • Want to develop more knowledge about your brain
  • Want to work with this knowledge every day
  • Want to learn how to deal with change preventively
  • Just being super interested in your own brain

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Omdat het schrijven in een boekje iedere dag een gewoonte is geworden.
Is het natuurlijk helemaal mooi om deze bundel in de kast te hebben staan.
Het zou nog een toevoeging kunnen zijn om ook de tekst in iedere boekje aan te passen aan de seizoenen.

Super fine journals

I started writing to experience more peace and quiet and what I like about these journals is that there is so much more information in it, so it is more than just a writing book. I ordered this box immediately because I like all the colours and I want to write every day, so I can do this for a year. I really like the way the pages are laid out, the questions and knowledge it contains really make it complete. Definitely a must for everyone!

No distinction between seasonal journals

Beautiful box, beautiful journals, but I was under the impression that the journals were not only seasonally adjusted in colour, but that the content was also more seasonal. This is not the case, the content of all 4 journals is identical. I think that is a pity, because it means that you have a lot of double information.
It would have been an opportunity to match the recipes in the journals to the seasons, which would have made the journals even more interesting for me and would have given them that little bit extra, rather than just distinguishing the seasons by the colour of the cover.

What a nice box

This box is in my cupboard. I think it is a real picture! The journals are very nice. It's great that I can now take a break and hopefully make journalling a new habit!

Brain Balance Journal - Collection box