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Brains Savings Program

Save Breintjes and get a discount!

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Welcome to the Breintjes Savings Program

Our unique savings program where you can save Breintjes in many ways and get discounts on your purchases in this shop.

With every purchase you receive 10 Breintjes per Euro 1,- spent. Each 'Breintje' gives you a Euro 0.005 discount on your next order. This means that if you spend Euro 100, you receive 1,000 Breintjes for which you can get Euro 5 discount on your next order.

You decide when you redeem your Breintjes. In your personal Be Smart Reward Dashboard, you can see how many Breintjes you have and decide how many you want to redeem. You will then receive a discount code which you can use at the checkout of your order. Redeeming Breintjes is not possible in combination with other discounts or promotions.   

Also, you get 50 Brains right away when you sign up now to participate in this unique savings program. You can also earn extra Brains in several other ways. You can see more in your personal dashboard. 

Charlotte Labee Supplements

10 Brains

Earn 10 Brains for every 1 Euro spent.

Charlotte Labee Supplements

50 Brains

Sign up for the Breintjes Program and get 50 Breintjes worth 0.50 Euro.

Charlotte Labee Supplements

50 Brains

Follow us on Facebook and receive 50 Brains!

Charlotte Labee Supplements

50 Brains

Follow us on Instagram and receive 50 Brains!

Charlotte Labee Supplements

100 Brains

It's your birthday and it's time to celebrate! This reward is a special gift on your special day.

Charlotte Labee supplements

250 Brains

Share your experiences with one or more of our products or services and receive 250 Brains.

Charlotte Labee Supplements

1000 Brains

Earn this badge after your tenth order and receive 1000 Breintjes worth 5 Euros.

Charlotte Labee Training

Already have a Brains account and want to redeem brains? 

Step 1: Login
Step 2: Click on the Breintje bottom left or Open your brains dashboard here
Step 3: Go to your brains to redeem them.

Click on 'Redeem' to start redeeming your Brains

Charlotte Labee - office

Step 4: Enter the number of Breintjes you want to redeem and click "Redeem. You will then receive a discount code that you can use in the shop at checkout. 

Under the heading 'Discount Codes' (in the example above) you can see if you have redeemed any Breintjes before and still have a valid discount code for it. Note: you can redeem your saved Braintjes within two years, after that they are no longer valid.


Level up to get more benefits and discounts.

Level 1: Beginner
Sign up and get 50 brains.

Level 2: Bronze
After spending 500 euros. You will receive 250 Brains as a reward.

Level 3: Silver
After spending 1000 Euros. You will receive 500 Brains as a reward.

Level 4: Gold
After spending 2000 Euros. You will receive 1000 Brains as a reward.

Level 5: Platinum
After spending 5000 Euros. You will receive 2500 Brains as a reward.

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