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Brain Balance expert Charlotte Labee helpt je met het het fitter maken van je hersenen door inspiratie, boeken, trainingen en meer.

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Kies voor jouw dagelijkse dosis hoogwaardige supplementen.


All of my books have the goal of greater happiness & health.

Coaching & Consulting

Get started on your balance with one of our Brain Balance coaches.


Here you will find all of Brain Balance Institute's training courses.

Heb in 2 minuten inzicht in wat jij aan supplementen nodig hebt.

Doe de online adviestest!

Deeper insight into your health

Within our therapist team we have a broad knowledge available to guide you personally. When it turns out that you need something different than what your coach can offer, we switch as a team. All to make you a happier and healthier person.

See below what advice and consultations we do, among other things.

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The latest meditation package!

Accessible guided meditations by Charlotte Labee, listenable via your phone or computer at your convenience. All meditations are voiced by Brain Balance Expert Charlotte Labee.

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