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Connect your brain, heart and gut

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Laura Delrio is an Orthomolecular, KPNI (Clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology) therapist and Brain Balance coach. She offers practical guidance and tools that you can use right away. Laura gets to the core quickly and coaches in a direct and at the same time loving way. "My passion for this profession started 12 years ago because I was struggling with all kinds of health problems myself; a major imbalance that expressed itself in my intestines, joints, hormones and mental health. Like no other I know what it is like to be told, sorry lady this is it and there is nothing more we can do! By working on my lifestyle and brain balance, I have proven them wrong! And... if I can do it, so can you. We can do much more than we think, as long as we are aware of what we are doing with appropriate information. I'd love to help you with that!''

Laura Delrio specializes in:
- Brain Balance methodology; Reprogramming, over-stimulation and burnout
- Pre and postnatal influences (before, during and after pregnancy)
- Birth patterns
- Orthomolecular therapy
- Energy recovery
- Nutrition, gluten-free (Celiac)
- Mindfull and intuitive eating
- Lifestyle, exercise, sports and yoga

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Marieke is an Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist, gut coach and natural nutritionist. In addition, she is also Brain Balance trained.

Marieke took the three-year course as a natural nutritionist at the Kraaybeekerhof academy in Driebergen, where a diversity of subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, dietetics, nutritional science, product science, organic farming, conversation technique and anthroposophic came along. This further fueled her passion for the human body in combination with nutrition. Therefore, she also took the courses Orthomolecular Nutrition and Supplementation Counselor and Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist. Here she met a teacher who instilled in her the love for the gut. Since that time, Marieke follows a peer review one day every two months where the latest insights from science in the field of gut and health are shared.

Marieke specializes in:
- Disbalance in body systems
- Digestion
- Immune system
- Orthomolecular therapy
- Nutrition and food allergies
- Subconsciousness
- Gut & brain

We introduce you to


Amber is an Orthomolecular Therapist and Hypnotherapist. She is also Brain Balance trained. In recent years she has studied the relationship between the brain, body and consciousness. How these relationships can become mutually disrupted and cause health and psyche problems.

Amber specializes in:
- Brain Balance methodology
- Trauma treatments
- Hypnotherapy
- Psychotherapy
- Orthomolecular therapy
- Systemic constellations and bodywork
- Burnout, depression and/or fatigue

We introduce you to


Floor is a Brain Balance coach, level 1 trainer, psychiatric nurse and has worked for the past 25 years in, among other places, the prison in Vught and an M.P.U (Medical Psychiatric Hospital).A few years ago she chose a different direction and started to specialize more in people with obesity and gastric reductions. Being extremely obese myself, I know from experience what this does to you both physically and mentally. By addressing this, I can say that I feel balanced. Floor delves into the cause of the problems and has already healed many wounds as a result.

Floor specializes in:
- Brain Balance methodology
- Lifestyle coach
- Nutrition
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Fatigue
- Self-confidence
- Energy
- Burn-out
- Obesity and/or overweight

We introduce you to


Marcia is an Integral Orthomolecular Therapist and in training to become a Brain Balance coach. In her past, she has always been very interested in the human brain and health. "I have learned to choose for myself and to find out the causes of a problem before you can really solve it. I also like to apply that in my work." In addition to her work as a therapist for Brain Balance, she is currently studying Basic Medical Knowledge, has a great affinity for the connection between the brain and the gut and is a stress and burnout expert. 

She has specialized in:

- Orthomolecular advice
- Stress and burnout symptoms
- Intestinal health

We introduce you to


Annefleur is an Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist. She is also Brain Balance trained. From her own work experience, she discovered that a body is only balanced when it works well from the inside out. Partly because of this and because of her past with obesity and a burnout, she shifted her attention from the outside to the inside of the human being. She took courses in orthomolecular nutrition and epigenetic therapist. Central for her is finding the right balance between body and mind. 

Annefleur specializes in, among other things:

- Stomach-liver
- Skin
- Exercise and sports
- Psyche
- Nutrition

We introduce you to


Neomi is a hypnotherapist and in training to become a Brain Balance coach. Her passion for the profession began with her own exploration of becoming the best version of herself. She experienced how much lighter, finer and easier life can be when you can leave behind limiting beliefs and trauma. At Brain Balance, she wants to help you transform your blocks. 

Neomi specializes in:

- Hypnotherapy
- Motivation and commitment
- Self-confidence
- (Speaking) anxiety
- Regression 

We introduce you to


Joyce is an Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist and is training to become a Brain Balance Coach. Her passion for the profession arose several years ago after she herself developed health issues. During that period, she found out that everything in the body is interconnected, and that lifestyle has a lot of influence on this. She lovingly helps people become the best version of themselves. 

At Joyce you can find:

- Supplements advice both by phone and email
- Advice and purchase of the supplements at our office

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