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Bowel Screening

Connect your brain, heart and gut


Intestinal examination + 1.5 hours consultation

Why a bowel examination?

Our gut is also known as our second brain. As such, the connection between the two is incredibly important for our overall health. As many as 92% of the nerve cells in the brain are also found in the intestines. This means that our brain and intestines are in constant communication with each other.

Healthy gut starts with a healthy diet. Therefore, a healthy diet also makes for a healthy brain. But what is the true state of our gut health? Many chronic disease conditions can be traced to unhealthy gut bacteria. All the bacteria in the gut - both healthy and unhealthy bacteria - together are called our gut flora.

To give a good picture of the intestinal flora and make a treatment plan based on this, an intestinal examination of Medivere may be desirable. During the 1.5-hour consultation with one of our therapists, the results of the colon examination will be discussed with you and you will receive a customized treatment plan aimed at creating a good balance in the gut. 

The research

The microbiome plus stool test from Medivere includes the microbiological analysis of aerobic and anaerobic key bacteria, as well as fungi and yeasts (Candida albicans and Candida spp.), digestive residues and alpha-1 antitrypsin, calprotectin, bile acids, pancreatic elastase, secretory IgA, EPX, Beta defensin and zonulin in stool. Furthermore, the human intestinal microbiome is determined by sequencing the genome of the intestinal microbiota.

The intestinal microbiome, the sum total of all micro-organisms that colonise the gut, is of vital importance to human health. A dysbiosis of the intestinal microbiome is - as numerous studies prove - associated with various diseases: metabolic syndrome, diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, calcium oxalate kidney stones, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as neurological disorders.

The analysis of the intestinal microbiome is performed by DNA sequencing (next-generation sequencing). This method revolutionised diagnostics, as it allowed the detection of almost all bacteria known until then. Through DNA sequencing, the effects of individual highly complex microbiota on colonisation resistance, digestive processes, absorption of nutrients and vitamins as well as on immunity can be assessed more precisely. This molecular biological test method also detects anaerobic bacteria at the highest technical level, which cannot be detected by means of a bacterial culture (placing in culture).

Moreover, this test includes the parameters of the Bowel Health Check including zonulin in the stool. The Bowel Health Check includes, besides the examination of the flora status, the assessment of digestive capacity and capability as well as the condition and function of the intestinal mucosa and the gut-associated immune system.

How do I use the test?

Read the instructions provided with the product. Suitable for persons 18 years of age and older.

Schedule an appointment

You can schedule an appointment live at our Rotterdam office or make an online appointment. Be aware that it really is an investment in yourself, where live often comes across better than online (provided of course you live far away). Allow yourself this moment to get everything out of it.

Please schedule your appointment no earlier than 4 weeks from the current date. This is due to an examination processing time.

* Cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the appointment due to availability. Rescheduling the appointment is possible up to 72 hours in advance.

Notice! After purchase, you will receive your appointment confirmation within 24 hours. After 5 p.m. or on weekends it may take a little longer. We will confirm your appointment the next business day.

What happens after scheduling my appointment?

At the time you book a colon examination + consultation, the process looks like this:

Step 1: Check our calendar to see what time you would like to schedule your colon examination with consultation with one of our therapists (online/live).

Step 2: After scheduling the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email giving you access to our online client environment.

Step 3: You will receive your online questionnaire with questions about your diet, digestion, gut, sleep, stress, etc.

Step 4: Complete the questionnaire completely and honestly before the appointment.

Step 5: You will receive the test kit within 2-3 business days after purchasing the bowel test.

Step 6: You follow the steps indicated in the test kit at home and send it to the laboratory.

Step 7: Receive the results from the laboratory and go over your results for the consultation along with the intake form.

Step 8: Live session? You can park for free in front and you will be welcomed at our office.

Online session? You will receive the link to the video session in an email (client environment).

Step 9: At the time you have your first consultation (1.5 hrs), a comprehensive meeting with your therapist takes place in which the results are discussed and a customized plan is given.

Step 10: During the consultation there is room for questions and you will receive information on how to improve your lifestyle, sleep, relaxation, exercise, nutrition and/or supplements.

Step 11: After the interview you will also receive your advice and results digitally (client environment) so you can review them at home and have a clear overview.

Step 12: You will work with the advice at home, if you need a follow-up session we have options for that.

Who is our colon therapist?


Annefleur is an Orthomolecular Epigenetic Therapist, gut coach and also Brain Balance trained. From her own work experience, she discovered that a body is only balanced when it works well from the inside out. Partly because of this and because of her past with obesity and a burnout, she shifted her attention from the outer to the inner self. She took the courses in orthomolecular nutrition and epigenetic therapist. During this training, she discovered her passion for the human body and especially the gut. This is because the intestines are our second brain and if there is an imbalance it can give out running complaints. After this she continued her studies to become a gut coach. During her consultations she looks for the right balance between body, mind and the gut. 

''I received an incredibly warm and welcoming reception. I had a bowel consultation with Marieke and Annefleur joined me with whom I had already had a very nice supplement consultation. I felt very comfortable and understood with these toppers! We went through all the research results and made a plan on how to tackle the problems in the gut. Super clear all and there was plenty of room to ask questions. I gained confidence that we are going to focus on what I need to start feeling fitter, more energetic and healthier again at a pace that suits me with supplementation and nutritional advice. For years I was on strict diets because of all kinds of food intolerances, which we are now going to let go of under supervision because the cause appears to come from the gut. Letting go is of course quite difficult, but slowly we are going to rebuild everything together. For the first time in years I went home with hope in my heart. That everything is finally going to be all right and that I have taken the right path and the right people have come on my path with whom I can overcome this together. Grateful I am that I...

Bowel consultation

''Upon entering, I felt welcome. And also the conversation with Marieke was nice. I received clear tips and explanations about the examination. All questions were allowed and time was taken for me. Fine experience!

Vivianne van Alphen
Bowel Screening

''Filling out the questionnaire in advance was a nice reflection for me. The contact before the actual appointment took place went by email & I was kept very well informed & was very pleasant. The appointment in Rotterdam took place in a very nice & nicely decorated building, we were warmly welcomed. It became clear to me that within this team there are people working with a lot of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm! I experienced the conversation with Marieke as very nice, pleasant, discrete, constructive & motivating. So far, I would definitely recommend Brain Balance. Now I just have to hope that the path I have chosen together with the Brain Balance team will actually lead to a big improvement in my health.)

Matthias Van Lieshout
Bowel Screening

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