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Brain Balance Kids Journal


Main title

Brain Balance Journal

For Kids

Charlotte Labee



Help your kids reach their goals in just 15 minutes a day!
A Journal for children aged 4 to 12 years! For all parents who want to teach their children positive habits from an early age, which will be a good foundation for later in life.

Journaling is a very effective method to work concretely on their goals. A journal is a kind of agenda, but one that thinks along with them.

In the Kids Journal you will work with gratitude, that making mistakes is good and you will learn how to deal with thoughts.

Journaling changes your brain (and life)
Writing in your journal increases your concentration and lowers your stress level: by writing things down you make them concrete. This improves your thinking and learning abilities and also improves your mood and creativity.

Something you write down repeatedly and give attention to, changes your neural networks. Your brain changes, and therefore your life. All the important brain themes that are dealt with in the adult journal can also be found in the kids journal: brain knowledge, stress, sleep, Brain Food, exercise and relaxation.

Who is this Brain Balance for? Kids Journal intended for?
This unique Brain Balance Kids Journal teaches your child the following:

  • What his/her brain can do
  • How gratitude works
  • Why giving and receiving compliments is so nice
  • That his/her brain can become happy or very tired from food
  • Why it is good to make mistakes
  • What exercise does for the brain
  • Why sleep is so important
  • That his/her brain grows when doing something exciting
  • How to get peace of mind


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kindjes helemaal enthousiast!

Mijn kinderen (6 en 8) hebben het boek op 5 december gekregen en willen iedere avond schrijven en lezen. Ze vinden het superleuk om op speelse wijze kennis te maken met het brein!


Hele leuke manier om kinderen op jonge leeftijd al met brain balance kennis te laten maken!

Petra Teixeira

I gave it to my 4-year old daughter and I try to read it regularly and write things down with her. When she eats or drinks, she often asks, "Is this good for my head? Haha. Learned young, done old! Highly recommended!

Youngest daughter happy

Youngest daughter is happy with it!

SUPER book

I started working on it with my 7-year-old daughter. She thinks it is a great book. She looks forward to the assignments and is already reading independently. The teachers should also read it. The daughter even reacts in a way the teacher doesn't when I make a mistake. I am a fan of the book and will definitely buy a second copy when the youngest daughter is a bit older. She is 4 years old and I think it is nicer if they can fill in the assignments themselves. My 7 year old daughter had already noticed that there is a drawing of a palm tree in the book but no sticker (eye for detail é) ;-)

Brain Balance Kids Journal