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Brain Balance Teenage Journal


Main title

Brain Balance Journal

For Teens

Charlotte Labee



Help your children reach their goals in just 15 minutes a day!
Journaling is a very effective method to work concretely on their goals. A journal is a kind of agenda, but one that thinks with them.

The Brain Balance teenage journal explains how your brain works, how you can react to situations, but also contains fun exercises and assignments. The journal contains content for 90 days.

Journaling changes your brain (and life)
Writing in your journal increases your concentration and lowers your stress level: by writing things down you make them concrete. This improves your thinking and learning abilities and also improves your mood and creativity.

Something you write down repeatedly and give attention to, changes your neural networks. Your brain changes, and therefore your life. All the important brain topics that are covered in the adult journal can also be found in the teenage journal: brain knowledge, stress, sleep, Brain Food, exercise and relaxation.

Take daily steps towards your goals
Each journal has daily, weekly and monthly pages, so you can work with it daily. Brain tip: set aside 15 minutes every day to journal, to get inspired and to invest in yourself and your own brain. It doesn't get any easier or more fun than this.

Whether you want to deal with stress and anxiety better, develop your mindset, focus and lifestyle or take big steps towards achieving your personal dreams; everything starts with changing your brain. This journal is the ideal tool for this.

Who is this Brain Balance Teenage Journal for?
This unique Brain Balance Teenage Journal is for your teenager if he/she:

  • Eager to change
  • Low energy
  • Experiencing stress on a regular basis
  • Want to eat and live healthier
  • Want to take faster steps towards your goals and dreams
  • Want to develop more knowledge about your brain
  • Want to work with this knowledge every day
  • Want to learn how to deal with change preventively
  • Just super interested in your own brain


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Journal for teens

Dochter van 9 heeft veel baat bij het lezen en invullen van deze journal versie. Dagelijks besteden we met ons gezin aandacht aan de journals, met deze eens versie kan ze heerlijk meedoen. Onze zoon van 16 doet mee met de 'volwassen' versie; geeft hem veel houvast en motivatie!

Gaaf om mee aan de slag te gaan

Op een leuke manier geschreven die tieners echt aanspreek.
Ook een laagdrempelige ingang om met elkaar in gesprek te gaan over je (mentale) gezondheid.

Oldest daughter happy

My oldest girl is happy with it!

Livia Van der Graad
Super fun

I got this book as a present, I am 14 years old and I think it is a very interesting book. You learn a lot from it, it is really great.

Super cool journal

Bought two journals for our daughters (14 and 17 years old) and they loved it. The book not only looks beautiful, it is also appealing to children who do not like reading. They started working on it right away. The eldest also liked the font size, as she has dyslexia. It is easy to read and the information is easy to understand. They are stimulated, curious to learn more about the subject. It is very important for young people to know how their own brain works. There are fun assignments, the book is written in a positive way and puts adolescents in their power, I find that very important. The part about telephone use puts them back on the ground in a good way, that it can be done less, and how but not with a pointing finger. Thanks Charlotte for thinking of this target group. Especially in these crazy times, a must.

Brain Balance Teenage Journal