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Burnout Training


More knowledge about your brain

Preventing you from ending up in burnout

In today's society and fast-changing world, changes happen faster than our brain can keep up with. This causes mental imbalance, resulting in complaints such as burnout and fatigue. More and more Dutch people are suffering from burnout complaints.

Burnout is the result of a major imbalance in the brain, from which you do not recover overnight. Therefore, you would rather prevent burnout than cure it, and for this, knowledge of the brain is crucial. Because what exactly happens in the brain during a burnout?

Prevent burnout; everything starts in the brain

The brain determines everything you feel, think and experience. On the one hand, this is in the physical side, such as the production of neurotransmitters and the way brain areas work together. But on the other hand, it is the programming of the brain - the information and learned convictions that are stored in your brain from an early age - that to a large extent shapes your mindset and the lens through which you view the world.
The combination of these and other factors ensures that your brain processes stimuli in a certain way and is therefore more or less susceptible to burnout.

What does this training involve?

• 7 uur durende online training met video’s, opdrachten en tools
• Theoretisch begeleid met tekst
• Concrete oefeningen
• Online handboek met slides en informatie
• In totaal 3 maanden toegang tot alle informatie en video’s
• Je kunt de training doen op de tijden wanneer het jou uitkomt
• Na 3 maanden zou je met de aandacht en tijd die je in de training investeert, je brein beter kennen en er voor kunnen zorgen om in balans te blijven in uitdagende tijden

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Indispensable knowledge

Wow! This training is so enlightening, I now understand my own processes better and have enough tools to get started myself. In my opinion, the knowledge you gain from this training is indispensable, in this world stress applies to everyone.

Great insights, tips and tricks

Thank you for this beautiful burn-out training. I had a burn-out in 2017 and when I started this training, I was already on my way to ending up there again. No matter how much I resisted, I have already had a burn-out and will not end up there again, so I postponed starting the training. How grateful I am that I did start and was able to complete it because of the extra time you offered. Very valuable.
So much new knowledge, refreshed or expanded knowledge, tips and tricks, methods, insights and repetition! I am very happy with it.

What an enlightening insight

The information Charlotte shares she makes very understandable and clear. The amount of information is easy to follow because they are short videos per subject. The assignments are also very nice, and the possibility of deciding for yourself what you print out is also very sustainable. I think it is really something that has been thought through.

The folder, bottle and accompanying letter and notepad are so nice to receive. Attention has been paid to this training.

Highly recommended for those who want to know more about their brain

So many tips in this training

The tips you get in this training are really very valuable. I actually didn't have the idea that I was stressed, but this training has made me much more aware of myself and my stress symptoms. Because of this, I can also consciously work with all the tips Charlotte gives. Very nice!

Super online training

What is nice about this is that you can do the training in your own time. Because of the handy folder that comes with it, you can print out the most important assignments, keep them for yourself and go through them again!

Burnout Training