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Be a less stress more energy champion - Level 1


The 14-day online course of the moment for anyone who wants to give themselves a super boost in their private life or at work!

This online course is for young and old. Men and women. For anyone who wants less stress. Wants more energy. Want to feel fitter to get more out of life. Feel better in your own skin. Be more successful at work or privately.

Take on this challenge. Alone or with friends. With your family or with your colleagues! Receive a ready-made daily programme digitally every day. Everything has been worked out for you!

The course remains accessible for 6 months after its start.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

After a night's sleep, I got up in the morning already tired. After a day's work I was too tired to cook in the evening. I knew I had to do something and came to this training. After a week I already felt better. More energy during the day. The meals are very tasty although I found the preparations a lot of work + the theory was a lot. I also think it's a pity that you can't see more after 6 months. Would have liked to do this two-week training again.

More energy after just 1 week

After a period of fatigue, restlessness and a short fuse, in September I decided to follow this online course. What an interesting subject and what a difference already after 1 week! It made me more energetic and happy again. Then I immediately bought level 2! I still use the recipes and tips every day. Very valuable!

Informative and fun

I found Charlotte's Instagram account through the grapevine and was hooked from the very first moment. I find it very interesting to learn more about our brain and especially in combination with nutrition.
Bought this course (really not expensive!) and devoured it wholeheartedly, haha.
Very interesting, informative and told in a pleasant way.
I have already changed a few things in my diet and want to expand that step by step.
So if in doubt, do it, because this course teaches you a lot and will probably give you new insights.

Desiree Theuns
Brainfood is like FOOD to My soul

We had already attended a lecture by Charlotte and were very enthusiastic about her views. After I had read her 2 books (brainbalance and brainfood) in December, I had decided for myself to start the course in January! What a party that is! Everything is right and it is very easy to follow! All you have to do is convert your brain to the most important thing in your life.... eat healthy and make sure your brain stays healthy! Finally choosing for myself instead of a diet. And believe me, it makes you very happy! Our family is also participating and is very enthusiastic! In short: CHAPEAU! I am so glad that I met you! Good luck and you have an ambassador in your life👊 Love desiree

For the whole family

My wife started this training but we soon joined in with the whole family. We have learned a lot about how our brain works, the nutritional schemes are very nice and more than 40 recipes that we have all made and love!

Be a less stress more energy champion - Level 1