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Brain Balance Institute Training

Bij Brain Balance Instituut werken we met onze unieke Brain Balance Methodiek. Deze methodiek bestaat uit zeven Brain Balance Pijlers: Breinkennis, Omgeving, Ontspanning, Stress, Slaap, Beweging en Brain Food & Supplementen. Tijdens onze diverse opleidingen, twee- en eendaagse trainingen en inspiratiesessies in Rotterdam leer jij alles over deze methodiek en breinprogrammeringen. Liever een online training volgen? Maak kennis met één de zeven pijlers tijdens de online training over Brain Food. Of leer hoe je een burn out kunt voorkomen tijdens de online Burn-out Training. Start direct en zet de switch om: van chaos naar balans, zowel fysiek als mentaal.
Brain Balance Institute Training

Charlotte Labee

Charlotte Labee is Brain Balance expert, founder of Brain Balance Institute and Charlotte Labee Supplements, speaker, trainer and author and helps people get in balance. In balance with themselves and their daily existence, allowing them to experience more happiness, health and joy in their lives. She has now completed various trainings including: 'Neural Cause Effects', Mody Mind Reset', EMDR, Hypnosis Therapy, Orthomolecular Therapy to epigenetics and many more. She is also the author and creator of the Brain Balance methodology.

''Wow! How enlightening this training is, I now better understand my own processes and have enough tools to work with myself. In my opinion the knowledge you gain from this training is indispensable, in this world stress applies to everyone.''

Burnout Training

''After a period of fatigue, restlessness and a short fuse, in September I decided to take this online course. What an interesting subject and what a difference already after 1 week! This made me more energetic and happy again. Then I immediately bought level 2! I still use the recipes and tips every day. Very valuable!

Be a less stress more energy champion - Level 1

''Because of the training I understand my brain better and have in more energy and focus! Super nice, actually had no idea that food has so much influence on my mental processes. Highly recommended and charlotte explains it in a nice and accessible way. No difficult language but Jip and Janneke! It's really useful.

Brain Food Training

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