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Finding it difficult which consultation form suits you best?

Do you suffer from intestinal problems? Do you regularly wake up tired? Do you have an irregular cycle? Or do you want to work on your overall health. We offer the solution for you. Do you find it difficult which form of advice and coaching suits you best? We are happy to personally help you make the right choice. Schedule a free phone appointment* with one of our therapists.

*Please note that this consultation is for consultations only. Supplements consultation needed? Request a supplement consultation.

*The consultation will take a maximum of 15 minutes. If you cannot be reached, we will answer the question by email.

''Upon entering, I felt welcome. And also the conversation with Marieke was nice. I received clear tips and explanations about the examination. All questions were allowed and time was taken for me. Fine experience!

Vivianne van Alphen
Bowel Screening

Actually I thought why is this necessary, until a friend was so enthusiastic about it that I thought I would try it too. I was helped by Kirsten and what an extensive advice, I had not expected this and found that I was actually doing something. Now I'm a month into this plan, sleep much better, no more migraines, am fitter and feel happier! It also made me watch my diet more, it really has a huge impact. I can recommend this to everyone! Thanks top team

Supplements advice

Yes indeed, I had an instant click with Amber. Received a lot of nutrition and supplement advice told in a practical way. Amber has a lot of international experience, does not think at all in what is not possible or allowed and as a young mother is also very flexible and solution oriented. In a few weeks I get to see her again for my second consultation of the orthomolecular consultation I ordered. I am looking forward to it!

Orthomolecular Advice

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