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Application Supplement Advice


There are so many different supplements, but which ones are right for you? Every person is different and so are their needs. I would therefore be happy to look with you and give you a free* supplement adviceso that you can make the right choices from the many supplements available.

Bij het advies ontvang je een kortingscode t.w.v. €15,95, welke jij kunt besteden aan de juiste supplementen. Op deze manier is het advies gratis. *Niet in combinatie met andere acties en/of aanbiedingen.

Denk je dat jij zo gezond en gevarieerd eet, dat je geen tekort aan bepaalde voedingsstoffen kunt hebben? Think again, want hieronder noem ik de 7 meest voorkomende oorzaken van tekorten die suppletie voor veel mensen noodzakelijk maken:

  • Stress tends to deplete your mineral and vitamin balance.
  • Shortages due to eating processed foods.
  • Shortages due to soil degradation.
  • Shortages due to lack of sunshine.
  • Deficiencies due to poor digestion.
  • Deficiencies due to low-grade inflammation.
  • Shortages due to toxins 

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might be deficient in certain nutrients. In fact, most people have several of these reasons.

This makes supplements valuable for everyone and for some people even indispensable. Because I get so many questions and I totally understand that every person is different, besides the basic supplements sometimes one is needed or not, I like to give a tailored advice to help you further to find the right balance in your nutrients. This is done through a subscription by purchasing the advice in the webshop, the costs are €15.95 but you get this back as a discount when you order your supplements. So the advice is free for you.

The advice goes through an intake form, in which you can fill in your personal details so that I can get an insight into your situation and needs. You can expect questions like:

- What is your age?
- Weight
- Are there any problems you are currently facing?
- Are you sleeping well?
- Is your stool good?
- Are you taking any medications?
- Are you already taking supplements?
- What is the reason you would like to start adding supplements to your lifestyle?

On the basis of this intake form, you will receive customised advice from one of our therapists.

I.v.m. grote vraag en de tijd die we aan je advies besteden kan het maximaal 2-3 weken duren voordat je je advies ontvangt.

Customer Reviews

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Naomi Snoijer
Super fine!

Heel fijn dat erop deze manier met je meegekeken wordt wat het beste helpt bij je klachten!

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Al drie keer een advies aangevraagd, merk elke keer na een nieuw advies echt verschil en vermindering in klachten. Echt een aanrader om dit elk seizoen te doen!




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Application Supplement Advice