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About us

Brain Balance stands for changing your brain, which also allows you to improve your mindset, habits and behavior patterns.

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What is the Brain Balance Methodology?

In life, everything revolves around maintaining a balance. Between work and private life, for example. Or between relaxation and effort. If this balance gets disturbed, sooner or later you will experience the negative consequences. You feel mentally and physically uncomfortable, you overstep yourself, you have little energy, you sometimes feel dejected or depressed and eventually you get a burn-out. Recognisable?

In such cases, general practitioners and psychologists often recommend taking it easy for a while. Unfortunately, this is not a structural solution. The imbalance that you may be experiencing in your life at the moment, starts in the brain. Brain Balance stands for changing your brain, through which you can also improve your mindset, habits and behaviour patterns. Thus, through Brain Balance, you can start living the life of your dreams more and more.


Our therapists

The team consists of a warm, open and loving team of therapists. We strive to connect with each other and connect with you to get the most out of your coaching journey.


For more information about products, the shop, collaborations or other questions, please contact us. Our toppers from Customer Care are ready for you!

Charlotte Labee - About Us

Who is Charlotte Labee?

Live Intense, Learn Pure

In the midst of life's challenges, I found my soul mission. Born in Roosendaal in the late 1980s, I braved the world. I stood on the catwalk in Milan at the age of 17, and later took the crown of Miss Universe Netherlands. With this fame came opportunities at Omroep Brabant and RTL4. But life also tested me: a bankrupt clothing line, health crisis and personal loss.

2017 became my turning point. I sought balance and meaning, with a focus on happiness, health and enjoyment. But where could I find that? Who could tell me? My curiosity led me to the secrets of the human brain and with this my mission began. I learned that everything is already within you, you just need to activate it.

With the Brain Balance method, I developed an approach that helps people get out of their fixed, existing patterns and achieve goals with a new mindset. Getting your three brains (brain, heart and gut), or your Golden Triangle, connected is done using the seven Brain Balance pillars. The more harmonious the connection between the three, and thus the more coherent your state of being, the more well-being you experience as a human being. Let's begin your transformation together.

What is Charlotte Labee Supplements?

When you choose Charlotte Labee Supplements, you choose therapeutically sound, high-quality products. With care we have developed our supplements to fit your specific needs. No human being is the same and therefore the (daily) need for supplements is different for everyone. Moreover, you will receive your supplements in durable glass packaging.

You can come to us not only for your daily dose of smart supplements. We also support you with our team of dieticians and orthomolecular experts through personal consultation. In this way we really make a difference by discussing your personal goals and recommend a customized supplement plan. By taking the right steps, you will eventually achieve the desired results.

Charlotte Labee supplements

Brain Balance Lodge: peace and balance for all

A place to unwind, clear your head and disconnect yourself from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. 

When was the last time you were able to truly relax? That you could leave the daily hectic of modern life behind you to finally reconnect with yourself? For most people in today's society, this moment of pure relaxation has unfortunately been too long ago. And that while our brains need it so much to be able to de-stimulate, recover and recharge for the future.

In this context, it is no surprise that many Dutch people suffer from an overstimulated brain. Not only at work, but even during the vacation season, stimuli are always and everywhere lurking. Television screens, cell phones and needs of other family members are constantly demanding our attention. As a result, the brain does not get the moments of rest it needs to stay balanced and function optimally for us.

I hope to change this common situation with the introduction of the Brain Balance Lodge. This beautiful lodge is located in a lovely quiet location in Dutch nature and offers everything you need to completely unwind according to the Brain Balance method. So you can find a deeper connection with yourself in the middle of the forest, but above all find peace and balance for your overstimulated brain.

Charlotte Labee - office

Theodoor Colenbranderhof 3, 3059 LS, Rotterdam

Brain Balance Office

Shop all products in our store at our office as well!

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