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Discover Charlotte Labee's books and dive into a world of health and personal growth for yourself. Each book is written with the goal of bringing you more happiness and health. Whether you choose to deal with the rat race of everyday life, which foods are good for your brain or the power of journaling, with a book by Charlotte Labee you are always investing in yourself and your development. From Overstimulated Brain to Journals, from Brain Food to Your Powerful Brain, choose your favorite Charlotte Labee book.
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Explore our extensive collection of books on topics including self-love, self-development and mental health

In our rich collection, you will find a diverse selection of books that focus on self-love and self-development. These titles are not only inspiring, but designed to help you love yourself, appreciate yourself and grow every day. Whether you're looking for personal improvement or ways to better accept yourself, these books are your ideal guide.

In addition, we have a special selection of books on mental health, also called mental health books and books on coping with stress. These books offer valuable insights and strategies to support your mental well-being. They are carefully selected to help you find balance and inner peace in a hectic world and offer practical tips to manage stress effectively.

For women striving for personal growth, we offer a unique series of women's self-development books. These are specifically curated to inspire, empower, and help you find work-life balance.Enrich your life with our carefully selected books, which serve as your guides to self-discovery, personal growth, and mental well-being.

Who is Charlotte Labee?

Charlotte Labee is Brain Balance expert, founder of Brain Balance Institute and Charlotte Labee Supplements, speaker, trainer and author and helps people get in balance. In balance with themselves and their daily existence, allowing them to experience more happiness, health and joy in their lives. She has now completed various trainings including: 'Neural Cause Effects', Mody Mind Reset', EMDR, Hypnosis Therapy, Orthomolecular Therapy to epigenetics and many more. She is also the author and creator of the Brain Balance methodology.

''You must have read this book, beautifully written and it really made me feel something and also recognizable. Fine handles that are offered in the book! For me this is a very magical book and gives support in my process. Thank you Charlotte.

Your Powerful Brain Book

''I've been doing brain balance for a while, but this book is another eye opener! Great to grab back in when old patterns come up again. Especially the last part about more balance in 10 weeks is very practical.''

Overexcited Brain Book

''Wow what a lovely journal; and lots of information and practical daily things to write down and space for everything you want to put on paper. Very nice this combination.''

 C vd E
Brain Balance Journal

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