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DNA Nutri-Gene pro examination + 1 hour consultation and personal book


DNA Nutri-Gene pro examination + 1 hour consultation and personal book

  • 62 DNA lifestyle components
  • Simple collection via saliva
  • ISO17025-certified European laboratory
  • Clear and functional results
  • Personalised advice

DNA test and privacy guarantee

When it comes to DNA, privacy is extremely important. Your privacy is important to us and we would like to explain what we take into account.

1. Size of dataset

Big data is popular; some DNA companies look at thousands of genes without any relevance to the report. Mijnlabtest only looks at places in the DNA that are important to give you a good report, and nowhere else. This also applies to our lab in Scandinavia.

2. European laboratory

Our laboratory is located in Scandinavia, which is a conscious choice on our part. A lot of DNA material is sent to America, but it is more difficult to keep things private there because of the Patriot Act.

3. Barcode system

Our DNA tests contain a registration code with a security code and a system that recognises whether a sample has been entered. Our lab only receives the sample with the barcode and therefore never has access to our clients' personal data.

4. No scary diseases

When you request a DNA lifestyle test, you may not want to be confronted with diseases. We understand this and ensure that a lifestyle test is only about lifestyle.

5. The right to be forgotten

We are not a data-driven company and do not mind if you want your data deleted. We will store a copy of your report so that we can send it back to you if you lose it. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let us know and we will make sure everything is deleted.

DNA, lifestyle and its relationship to health

Not many people will immediately think of DNA when they talk about health. That is a shame, because the latest insights into DNA and lifestyle in relation to health provide a great deal of useful information. Characteristics that ensure good health are largely fixed in our DNA. In addition, the environment, or lifestyle, such as nutrition, sleep and exercise, plays a role. Which role for you? The Nutri-Gene pro DNA lifestyle test looks in your genes specifically for the health aspects that can be influenced by lifestyle. This gives you an answer to the question: "what is a healthy lifestyle for me?

Insight into your health with the DNA test Nutri-Gene Pro

Your genes thus contain a lot of useful information that you can use to improve your lifestyle and health. They explain differences between people in areas such as nutrition, sport, biological ageing and metabolism. 

The Nutri-Gene pro DNA lifestyle test is the most comprehensive health test available and gives you insight into 62 different lifestyle components, making you aware of how your body works. The result book of the Nutri-Gene pro DNA test then combines information on predisposition with personal advice and relevant scientific background. 

"In concrete terms, this means, for example, that a diet rich in protein and fibre will ensure a healthy weight in someone who has the genetic trait of gaining weight quickly by eating carbohydrates."

If you have insight into your genetic strengths and areas for improvement, you can, where necessary, make adjustments to your lifestyle and diet in order to optimise your health. With the blood tests you can check if these changes have the desired effect on your health.

A DNA test Nutri-Gene Pro, the topics

The above example underlines the relationship between disposition, lifestyle and a healthy weight, one of the topics in the DNA test health and lifestyle research. Thanks to the latest insights in the field of genetics, many more relationships can be established. The overview below shows the 11 main themes of the study. The number of themes per main category is shown in brackets. For your information, two of the 11 main themes are also discussed in more detail below.

  • Ideal body weight (8)
  • Metabolism (4)
  • Vitamins (5)
  • Minerals (5)
  • Heart and vessels (5)
  • Biological Ageing (5)
  • Eating habits (4)
  • Sports (12)
  • Cholesterol (4)
  • Detoxification (4)
  • Rejuvenation (6)

Think, for example, of one of the main themes, vitamins.

Everyone knows that it is important to eat enough fruit and vegetables. Yet vitamin deficiencies occur regularly, for example due to reduced absorption. A DNA test will determine for which vitamins you specifically have an increased need. With this knowledge in hand, you know exactly which foods you can add to your daily portion of fruit and vegetables to prevent deficiencies. 

Healthy cholesterol is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

There are different types of cholesterol, the good HDL cholesterol you should have enough of and the bad LDL cholesterol you should have less of. The newest insights in the field of genetic predisposition show that in some people the bad cholesterol rises after eating certain foods. Specific foods can also make it go down. DNA research can help you find out which foods can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level. 

What can you do with the results of a DNA health test? 

You will receive your personal results in a comprehensive results book, digitally and in print, worth € 1,000. €39,95. In this book, your results are brought together with information about predisposition, lifestyle and relevant scientific background in the field of DNA. To prevent it from becoming a theoretical story, all this information is aimed at coming up with personal recommendations that are tangible for you. With these recommendations, you and our therapist go through the results and how you can work with them in a one-hour consultation.

How DNA testing works

The Nutri-Gene pro DNA lifestyle test is a self-test that you can easily and quickly take at home. After ordering you will receive the DNA test kit at home. All you have to do is take a sample and send it back to us in the return envelope. Your sample will be examined in a certified European laboratory for a reliable result. Six weeks after sending your sample you will receive the result and you can schedule your consultation with our therapist to discuss the results. 


Perhaps when you think of a DNA health test, you immediately think of research into diseases that are hereditary. This test explicitly does not look at heredity, all genes related to it are not examined. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michelle louwris
A lot of knowledge

It was a very nice, open conversation with Marieke Kok. She has a lot of knowledge and makes a good link between theory and practice, so that the information obtained can be applied immediately.

How cool this research! Happy with it

I am very happy that I gave myself this gift, it is a great insight for the rest of my life, with a beautiful book that literally says everything, what you can improve, what type of sleep you are, how your stress is genetically processed, which vitamins and minerals you absorb less well and which well.

It was really cool how I was guided by Kirsten, she is my therapist and she helped me so much. She gave me beautiful new insights. I am going to work with that!

DNA Nutri-Gene pro examination + 1 hour consultation and personal book