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Hormone test for men + 1 hour consultation


Hormone test for men + 1 hour consultation

  • Cortisol, testosterone, DHEA is measured
  • Gives insight into the balance of important hormones
  • Take it home
  • Package fits through the letterbox
  • Clear and understandable results

Get insight into the hormonal balance with the saliva test hormones man

The saliva test hormones for men gives an insight into the hormones cortisol, testosterone and DHEA and shows the ratio between the different hormones. These hormones play a role in various body processes such as regulating stress, building muscle mass, maintaining a healthy body weight and good concentration. When the hormones are out of balance, this can manifest itself in symptoms such as stress, fatigue, depression, poor sleep, decreased libido and erection, forgetfulness, weight gain or difficulty losing weight.

Hormonal (dis)balance

Factors such as stress, poor diet, obesity or a shortage of minerals and vitamins can cause hormones to be out of balance. This can cause various complaints, including fatigue, decreased libido, loss of strength, lethargy or reduced muscle development. In this male hormone examination the levels of the hormones cortisol, testosterone and DHEA are measured.


In the event of stress, worry or tension, the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood will increase. This higher level of cortisol provides more energy, better alertness and increased performance. After a period of time the cortisol level should decrease again so that the body can relax. An increased level for a longer period of time can cause stress related complaints such as fatigue, poor sleep, a higher body weight, a decreased immune system and a decreased libido. A prolonged high level can eventually lead to no more cortisol being released at all, also called burnout. The level that is then measured is often strongly reduced.


Testosterone is a male hormone best known for its influence on the development of the sexual characteristics in growing boys. In adulthood, this hormone is essential for the muscles, skin, bones, brain and prostate. Testosterone regulates fat regulation and storage, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, stimulates the production of bone marrow, influences the firmness of the bones (bone density) and the growth of muscles. The hormone also has a significant influence on erection quality, prostate function and sperm production. Testosterone is essential for libido and erection and plays a role in (preventing) depression.


DHEA is produced in large quantities by the adrenal glands at ages between 20 and 30, after which production slowly declines. DHEA plays an important role in the regulation of stress and serves as a component for the formation of various other hormones. Indirectly, DHEA therefore plays a role in the functioning of the immune system, regulation of body fat and building of muscles. DHEA is also associated with concentration and a good memory.

Combined saliva test hormones man

The different hormones that are tested in a saliva test hormones male provide each individual insight into health. The simultaneous measurement of the hormones testosterone, cortisol and DHEA is particularly useful because it offers the possibility to relate hormone values to each other for a broader picture of certain health aspects. 

Cortisol & Testosterone

This test measures hormone levels in the saliva and thus provides insight into the amount of stress hormone cortisol and male sex hormone testosterone at the same time. This insight is valuable because the level of cortisol can influence the release of testosterone by your body. Stress, worry or anxiety cause cortisol levels to rise. In the long term, an increased cortisol level will cause the testosterone level to decrease. Determining the testosterone level can provide insight into why strength training has no effect, why you are more tired after exercising and why you are not able to lose weight despite exercising a lot.

Cortisol & DHEA

Your body gives off more cortisol in response to stress, tension or worry. Due to this reaction, the cortisol level can be used as an indication of the amount of stress your body is experiencing. In addition to cortisol, more DHEA is released in stressful situations. This hormone can regulate the release of the stress hormone cortisol and reduce the negative influence of stress on the body. In the saliva test hormone man both the cortisol and DHEA levels are measured. When stress is present, this shows to what extent your body is able to regulate its negative effects.

A too low or too high cortisol level is common, often having a great influence on the male sex hormone testosterone in the body. The quantity of DHEA in turn determines the extent to which your body is able to get the cortisol level to the right level.

Test for hormones (male)

Are you curious about your current hormonal status and how the hormones relate to each other? The combination of saliva tests in this hormone test will give you an insight into your cortisol, testosterone and DHEA levels. In addition to the results of the laboratory tests, you will receive a number of recommendations regarding nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation that are particularly useful for improving your hormone balance or for maintaining a good level, which our therapists will go through with you. 

Hormone test for men + 1 hour consultation